Corporate Responsibility


In 2012, High Belem Chemistry Co., Ltd passed the GMP certification for voluntary cosmetics manufacturing (same as ISO22716) and received the MIT smile label certification from the government. The safety and strict management of the factory were recognized officially. At the same time, the products are self-checked and approved by SGS (four major heavy metals, bacteria, microber). 

Brand image advertisements have won many Times Advertising Awards and Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards, because of the extraordinary creativity and performance of the advertisements, and because of the brand's unswerving heart, the desire of the local and the wisdom of international change, showing the breadth of the times.

With the rise of e-commerce, the first registration of the Tsaio collection in 2015 won the indicator media award: the digital era voted the Tsaio brand as top 53 popular Internet sellers, and in 2016, it raise its ranks to 29, and thetsio brand rated 82.

In addition, SOFNON corporation also pays attention to corporate social responsibility, and is honored to receive social welfare awards from NGOs and the government to issue high-performance enterprises with unified invoices.